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We will teach you how to turn your ideas into creative designs

In our academy, we will explain to you step by step how to combine Photoshop with your creative skills and come up with an amazing product design that will amaze your customer.


You will sell your newly created products in ecommerce platforms

No need to create your website! You will learn how to create your shop and list the newly created products on ready-to-use eCommerce platforms like Etsy and surprise buyers with your creativity.


We will print and ship your products to your customer

This is where "Print On Demand" shines. No need to worry about investing in your own stock. With the help of our manufacturing partners - “YPH”, we will print and ship your products directly to your customer.


A new life experience

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Personal Life

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You’ll have complete freedom on how, when and from where you work


We’ll handle manufacturing and shipping for you

The only thing you’ll need will be a computer and internet connection


You will not need any prior knowledge or experience

Anyone can do this, we’ll show you how

Success Stories

Some of our client success stories!

Talha Tozlu

I started selling in ETSY in 2022. A friend of mine introduced me to Kārlis and he agreed to personally help me learn everything. It was when the MeGente course was still under development, but I got the privilege of learning from Kārlis (one of the developers). I am grateful he did that for me, because for the first time of my life I got to make some of my own money. As a Turkish citizen, I just appreciate the fact that I can now buy food, gifts for my friends and have some financial capital to live with.

#Turkey #Student #Etsy: TZLcases

My Timeline

  1. Opened my ETSY shop

  2. Got my first sale two weeks later

  3. My sales went crazy

  4. Bought a new laptop to run photoshop better

  5. Had to pause my ETSY shop sadly

  6. Got my ETSY shop back and running

  7. Reached consistency in sales

Emīls Kūma

I was actually one of the very first people who started working with YPH to sell phone cases online. I had no idea what I was doing, but I wanted to try something new. After learning everything I opened my ETSY shop and to my surprise I got my first sale a week later. At that point I realized – this really works. However, along the way my shop suffered some difficulties and that was because I did not have full knowledge on how to run the shop efficiently. I kind of figured it out by myself and everything went back to normal, but it took time. Now after seeing the MeGente course, I just hope I had it back then – it really does make it all so much easier and helps you avoid unnecessary mistakes.

#Latvia #Student

My Timeline

  1. Opened my ETSY shop

  2. Got my first sale a week later

  3. Made 120 sales

  4. Made 280 sales for Halloween theme

  5. My shop hit 1000 sales in total

Rihards Bobkovs

I started my own ETSY store about 2 years ago. However, I did not even have courses like this at the time – everything was taught to me by hand by the developers of these courses. Yes, it was a little bit hard to grasp all of it at first, but once I got the hang of it, I’m grateful I tried to this day. Now I can generate good, almost passive income for myself working completely from home and combine it with my studies in university. What I can tell you if you’re considering starting is that I won’t hide the fact that it will require some work at the beginning, but I bet with MeGente courses it will be 10 time easier than it was for me and when you get your shop up and running with consistent sales – your life will be changed.

#Latvia #Student #Etsy: RStudioUK

My Timeline

  1. Started learning about designs and photoshop in person

  2. Opened my first ETSY shop with only phone cases

  3. Got my first sale from United Kingdom!

  4. Learned that I must frequently improve my store and create new designs to gain more consistent sales, so I did that

  5. I am running 2 ETSY shops and have made more than 3620 sales from the day that I started